Personal Branding - Sharing The Best Possible You! 

Complementary personal branding services are available to select clients, typically to augment services I am already providing (or have provided) to my communication and coaching clients.  

For most entrepreneurs, personal branding is no longer a luxury.  If you are looking to position yourself as an industry thought leader, inspire your employees, confidently engage with investors, win new clients, or achieve any number of other goals, you must learn how to market yourself successfully. 

As part of my personal branding process, I can help you: 

  • Understand how others currently perceive you (informal/formal interviews, focus groups, research, etc.)
  • Understand the role your values and principles play in creating your personal brand
  • Understand your energy impacts how others perceive you, your relationships with others, creating "artificial" barriers or limitations for yourself, etc. 
  • Develop your personal Unique Value Proposition
  • Establish goals for your personal brand
  • Create and implement a plan to achieve those goals
  • Create and share content in alignment with your personal brand - including social media, bios, articles and more
  • Expand your online and offline network alignment with your personal brand
  • Enhance your skills to augment your personal brand 
  • Identify and pursue new opportunities to enhance your personal brand (Speaking engagements, media interviews, board placements, volunteer opportunities, content contribution opportunities, etc.)

Each personal branding client engagement is unique, with programs customized to meet your specific needs.

Lets discuss what Personal Branding approach might be right for you!