What is the Art of Moxie?


The Art of Moxie was born from a passion for empowering communication for entrepreneurs. What does that mean exactly? Well, it can take multiple forms.  

It can mean providing strategic communications counsel to entrepreneurs, to help them build a strong communications foundation for growth and success.  

It can mean coaching entrepreneurs to better understand who they are and what they have to offer as part of their individual brand or corporate brand; helping them find their unique voice and tell their unique story; and ultimately helping them authentically and powerfully connect with others - employees, customers, investors and more. 

Or, it can mean something else that we discover or create together. 

As a successful communications veteran and entrepreneur, The Art of Moxie founder Shawn Ramsey spent the past 20 years collaborating with and learning from hundreds of entrepreneurs, business leaders, communication experts and others.

With The Art of Moxie, Shawn combines her extensive communications experience with a passion for entrepreneurs, and an abundance of complementary consulting and coaching skills (focused on leadership, empowerment, positive psychology and happiness) to help entrepreneurs build communications foundations, grow their business, become great leaders and find fulfillment and success in everything they do. 


Communication Consulting for Entrepreneurs

Put my extensive communications and business experience to work for you. Whether you need strategic counsel and planning, help with corporate/leadership/personal branding, strategic content creation or other communication services, The Art of Moxie can help.

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Coaching For Entrepreneurs 

Do you want to create new opportunities for you or your business? Do you want to feel empowered to be the great entrepreneur you were born to be? Do you want to become the great leader you were meant to be? Are you ready to show the world who you really are and what you are capable of? The Art of Moxie can help.  

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