Meet Shawn Ramsey  



I founded The Art of Moxie in 2016 with the goal of providing the expertise, counsel, coaching and content needed to help entrepreneurs channel their moxie, find their voice and tell their story. 

After working with entrepreneurs for years and catching the entrepreneurial bug, I turned my entrepreneurial spirit into action when I founded Crossroads PR & Marketing in 2003 and led the company until 2016. Today, I am committed to using that same entrepreneurial spirit in addition to my years of experience and wealth of expertise to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

I offer a unique blend of services including communications consulting, content development and empowerment coaching to help entrepreneurs find their authentic voice, tell their story, and manifest success.

Throughout my career, I not only built and led my own company for 13 years, but also worked with and learned from hundreds of other entrepreneurs, business leaders, communication experts and others.

Prior to Crossroads, I led public relations efforts at a number of technology companies including TogetherSoft ($210 million acquisition by Borland Corporation) and OpenSite Technologies ($542 million acquisition by Siebel Systems). I served as director of marketing for truePilot, an early-stage/angel investment firm, where I honed my knowledge of the venture capital process and provided strategic counsel to portfolio companies building their marketing infrastructure. On the agency side, I spent three years at Brodeur Worldwide.

I recently decided to complement my 20+ years of communications experience with a new set of coaching skills, including the study of Positive Psychology and Empowerment Coaching. This allows me help even more entrepreneurs and to add a new level of value as I join them on their road to success.

I work with individuals, groups and/or corporations. 

My goal is to help clients just like you . . .

CHANNEL YOUR MOXIE (discover your strengths, change your mindset, create a plan, take actionable steps, etc. and use those to create your success)

FIND YOUR VOICE (develop your brand, positioning and messaging while staying true to who you really are)

TELL YOUR STORY (position yourself as a thought leader, begin a new journey or grow your business)